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"Gara Agena Premium Coffee from Ethiopia: A taste experience in a class of its own"

"Gara Agena Premium Coffee from Ethiopia: A taste experience in a class of its own"

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Coffee - the liquid gold that connects cultures and seduces the senses. Dive with us into the unexplored depths of the Ethiopian coffee world as we explore the Gara Agena washing station and the secrets of its aromatic elixir.

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Gara Agena coffee - natural & special preparation

Gara Agena , located in the picturesque Bura woreda of Ethiopia's Sidama zone, is much more than just a coffee washing station . Here nature and special preparation merge to create a truly magical experience. Ethiopian coffee is known worldwide for its unique flavor profiles , and Gara Agena is no exception. The washing station, owned by Testi Coffee , a family-run brand by Mr. Faysel A. Yonis, offers a glimpse into the amazing facets of Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopia / Sidamo / Highlands / Specialty Coffee

The premium experience

Gara Agena was built by Testi Coffee in 2020 as one of their " premium " establishments. This selection was based on the natural assets of the site, including the distinctive features of the surrounding region and access to fresh, clean water . Testi Coffee 's premium washing stations are known for their quality and sophistication , and Gara Agena is no exception. Here coffee is processed with passion and precision .

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The height of enjoyment

Gara Agena is perched on the slopes of the Geta River, at a dizzying 2,300 meters above sea level . This stunning location, surrounded by the river's natural U-shape, creates a unique microclimate that naturally slows down the drying of the coffee . Here, at this lofty height, the coffee develops its unique aromas and taste nuances.

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The art of selection and harvesting

During the harvest season, freshly picked coffee cherries are delivered daily by around 600 independent small farmers from surrounding villages. These farmers are crucial to the quality of Gara Agena's coffee . Only ripe, red cherries are accepted to produce the sweetest and most complex coffees . This careful selection and selective harvest contribute to the unparalleled cup quality .

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