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Seasonal espresso blend

Our Annual Blend for the Wintertime - The Darkest Temptation...

Producer: Felipe Venenciano, Martinez Lopez, Alejandro Keller, Marco Guardabaxo, Tesfaye Bekele, Rainer Boehme

Region: Guatemala - Huehuetenango, Guatemala - Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, Brazil - Mococa, Ethiopia - Guji, Mexico - Chiapas

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Sarchimor, Mundo Novo, Mixed Heirloom, Romex

Processing: 50% Washed Arabica, 40% Natural Arabica, 10% Washed Arabica

Taste: Full-bodied, dark chocolate


For this darker espresso we recommend a smaller dose due to the higher degree of roasting.

Here we take 18 gr of espresso, for an espresso of 40 gr in the cup. The brewing time should not exceed 28 seconds. Since it is a darker espresso, you can choose a slightly cooler brewing temperature compared to a light espresso.


Our annual blend for the wintertime - The darkest temptation...

Finally the wait is over. Here comes the long-awaited winter blend. This year, Philip's task was a little different. Also in preparation for the upcoming Single Origin Espressi, this one was to be roasted a tad darker and even more full-bodied.

When selecting the individual green coffees, it quickly became clear to us that it had to come from the normal range in order to do justice to our producers and the promised quantities.

We decided that we wanted to keep the blend as strong as possible with as little robusta as possible . So the sorting was clear: 25% washed Arabica from Guatemala from Los Arroyos Farm, 25% washed Arabica also from Guatemala from Finca Isabel, 20% natural Arabica from Brazil from Fazenda Pinhero, 20% natural Ethiopia from Suke Quto Farm and 10% washed Robusta from Finca Fulda.

A really full-bodied espresso awaits you here, which brings a plus of dark aromas into the cup . Due to the high proportion of coffee from Guatemala, the cup shows its very chocolaty side - like a good dark chocolate with 80% cocoa content, it lies over the tongue and then clears the way for the beautiful sweetness of the two naturals.

Anyone who thinks dark espressos can't be complex should think again. A fine acidity settles on the tongue at the end, which emphasizes the sweet finish. In this blend, the Robusta simply provides the extra body. A dark espresso does not have to taste ashy and astringent, but still emphasize the natural aromas of the coffee and, above all, be sweet .

We think this is a successful espresso that does justice to the dark season and gives you a pleasantly warm feeling in the cup. Shines as an espresso and shines with any type of milk.