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Filter coffee Ethiopia Guji | Seasonal coffee

Producer: Tesfaye Bekele, Suke Qoto Farm

Region: Guji, Ethiopia

Variety: Kurume, Welicho

Processing: Natural

Taste: Floral, Stone Peach, Sweet


If you celebrate your coffee and don't like it too strong, this light Ethiopian is the right choice for you.

This coffee is grown on Tesfaye Bekele's Suke Quto Farm. This farm is located in the Guji region, in central Ethiopia. Tesfaye is one of the people whose work put local coffees on the map in the first place. Coming from a coffee producing family, Tesfaye has spent 20 years investing in his own farm and washing station in his native Shakisso Woreda to be recognized as one of the leading minds in the Ethiopian coffee world. The farm extends over hills and valleys of Odo Skakisso Woreda. Here is cultivated on volcanic soil and relies on organic farming. Right up to our door, this coffee is organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

This naturally prepared coffee comes in the classic Ethiopian guise, a fine floral note is the beginning, underlined by a fine sweetness and aromas of yellow peaches and a lemony finish.

Tesfaye also handles the export with his own company Tade GC, here in Europe the coffee is sold through Trabocca.

This harvest is another step forward for us, not only qualitatively but also because we were able to almost double the amount we took.