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Producer: Izuba Washing Station, Smallholder

Region: Ruminya, Kayanza Province

Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Fully Washed

Taste: tangerine, hibiscus, chocolate

Autumn is here, so should your coffee be. Warming and a cup full of pleasure for those stormy autumn days.

Here comes a nice full-bodied, yet interesting cup profile. Flavours of fine dark chocolate make the beginning here , then slowly give way to the fine citric notes of tangerines and finally this fine hibiscus florality unfolds . Just a nice succulent mug to enjoy the season.

Recipe: For brewing, we would recommend either a Hario Filter or a Kalitta, in the V60 18 gr to 300 gr of water for a brisk brewing time of around 2:20. If you're grinding with a Commandante Mill, aim for about 27 clicks.


In the cup, the coffee shows its origin , that typical light spiciness that makes Burundi so special. Smells slightly of tangerines and hibiscus , complex aroma with notes of chocolate and tangerines and a light sugary sweetness . The acidity is restrained, but simply brings out the complex fruit notes with the sweetness . Its medium body in combination with the fine aromas produces a fine and juicy cup . A must have for Autumn!

This coffee comes from the Izuba Washing Station in Ruminya in Kayanza Province. Izuba means "The Sun" in Kirundi. Enclosed by the three hills of Kigeri, Ryamukona and Mugoyi, situated on a river, it is the perfect spot for a washing station. The farmers from the surrounding hills bring the coffee as they harvest it, then the coffee is classified by producer and hill side, so that the small differences in coffee profiles can be attributed to individual farmers and locations.

In this case the lot is exclusively from the Kigeri and the local farmers.

The Izuba Washing Station mainly produces washed coffee, with honey processing and naturals methods slowly being developed. This washed coffee is sorted by hand and then rinsed, eliminating unripe or damaged cherries. Then these selected coffee cherries are depulped, i.e. separated from the cherries, and then fermented under water in concrete tanks for 12 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is directed into serpentine channels where further separation by density takes place. After this process, the coffee beans are rinsed again and re-selected to remove insect damage, discolored or broken beans before drying for 15-20 days.

Kigeri consists 100% of the variety Red Bourbon which, in addition to the soil conditions in the region, gives the coffee its typical character. Cultivation takes place here at 1500 to 1700 meters above sea level .