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Producer: Orlando Benjamin Tocto

Region: Playas de las Pircas

Variety: Typica

Processing: Washed

Taste: milk chocolate, orange, apricot, toasted almond

For us a perfect coffee for autumn and early winter due to its strong body and the nonetheless fine aromas.

Recipe: As always, we work here with the April Filter or the V60 - We take 20 grams for 300 grams of water and pour 100 grams of water 3 times for an extraction time of 2:30 - 2:45 minutes.


Our first coffee from Ecuador, a great start of autumn….

Our goal with this coffee was to present it a little more full-bodied to emphasise the delicious creamy body of the coffee. Through a correspondingly longer development, the beautiful milk chocolate aromas and notes of roasted almonds come through here. But also the fine fruity notes that this coffee brings shine in the cup. Fine hibiscus florality meets oranges and apricots with a slightly herbal note.

Our first coffee from Ecuador comes from the region around Playas de las Pircas, from a member of the small cooperative APECAP - Orlando Benjamin Tocto. Philip didn't have much experience with coffee from Ecuador until now, so it was fitting that we could get this coffee from Quijote, who regularly import great coffees with their strict criteria and good sources. In this region and also within the cooperative, mostly Typica is grown.