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Producer: Brian Gakunga

Region: Murang'a Country, Central Kenya

Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru11

Processing: Washed

Taste: Rhubarb spritzer, black currants, sweet and full-bodied

Now it's getting fruity and intense ... Light medium roast from Kenya with intense sweetness and crisp acidity

Recipe: We use the April filter here, just great for fruity coffees. 3 pours a 100 grams of water for 20 grams of coffee. First pour within ten seconds - 30 grams spinning and then only in the middle. All further pours exactly pour at 35 seconds and at 1 minute and 5 seconds. The coffee should go through 2:30-2:45. Adjust the degree of grinding accordingly. Commander 28 clicks.


Perfect coffee to enjoy as a filter, chemex or aeropress.

Here comes the new harvest of last year's hit Kiriga . It was very important to us to get coffee from Brian and the other farmers we work with in Kenya again. So now it's here and we're overjoyed. Brian is a second generation coffee farmer and runs the Kiriga Estate in central Kenya. Coffee runs in the family, so it's not surprising that his grandfather was one of the first in Muranga'a County to plant coffee seedlings. His father Aloysius also helped here and in 1976 realized his dream of his own farm, which Brian took over in 2014 after his father's death. It was then that Brian made the decision to only focus on high-quality specialty coffee and not just define himself by quantity.

The plants are between 50 and 70 years old and are around 1600 meters above sea level. Harvesting is very selective here and only the ripest cherries are picked. After harvesting, the coffee is depulped, washed and then dried on elevated drying beds.


Like last year, Brian's coffee impresses with great liveliness. In the nose, aromas of black currants and this crisp sweetness come to the fore directly with the ground coffee. Brewed, the coffee smells rather inconspicuous, but already exudes the first notes of rhubarb . In the cup you will then find finely distinguishable notes of a juice-heavy rhubarb spritzer and black currants. The acid is crisp , but still restrained and is supported by the intense sweetness . Simply a complex force in the cup. The coffee is roasted to 63 Agtron exterior color and 102 Agtron interior color and 14.5% development, which makes the coffee a light medium roast for us, which does justice to the acidity potential of the coffee but also to its sweetness.