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Half as strong– twice as good….

Producer: Grajales family - Finca Cristalina, smallholder cultivation around Planadas 

Region: Colombia : Quimbaya, Quindio – Tolima, Planadas

Variety: Castillo, Caturra , Colombia, Bourbon  

Treatment: Washed CO2 decaffeination, Washed

Taste: marzipan, yellow stone fruit, blueberry, tangy sweet

100% Arabica


Due to the proportion of decaffeinated coffee, we dose a little higher here, 20 grams in the portafilter and hollow 50 grams of espresso out of the portafilter - so a ration of 1 to 2.5. You want to achieve the whole thing in about 28 seconds - so a slightly faster extraction. The espresso is roasted on the darker side from the middle, so we chose a machine temperature of 93 degrees on the brewing group.  


For this coffee, we thought long and hard about how we could combine the benefits of decaffeinated coffee with those of regular caffeine . Many of you, including us at times, have problems metabolizing caffeine, or are simply addicted to this psychotropic substance. 

Do not despair, we have created an espresso here in the finest Third Wave style, full-bodied , yet slightly fruity and sweet , but pleasant to drink and with half the amount of caffeine as a normal 100% Arabica espresso. How did we do it? We simply combined two of our favorite Colombian coffees and roasted them in equal parts (mixed before roasting) as a pre-blend . We wanted to do justice to both coffees here and show their potential – the dark chocolate notes with sweet cherry from La Cristalina with the nougat and berries notes from Planadas . The result is our semi-strong with a full body, notes of marzipan, yellow stone fruit, blueberries and a sparkling sweetness. 


We think it's the perfect companion for anyone who wants half the caffeine but the full portion of enjoyment and quality of a fine 100% Arabica espresso. This blend works just as well black as it does with milk. The chocolate note comes out even more in milk drinks . In the espresso you first get the fine marzipan notes and then enjoy the yellow stone fruit and blueberry aromas through the fine, sparkling sweetness . We find this specialty coffee at half the strength is a strong package. So if you don't want to completely do without caffeine, you'll find it here. 


Whether as an espresso or in a fully automatic machine , in both versions the semi-strong convinces with strong aromas. We have also had it in the filter and are not surprised that the blend can also convince here.