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Unleash your inner barista with the HARIO V60 Size 02 Coffee Dripper

Discover the art of specialty coffee with the HARIO V60 dripper size 02!

Never miss a great cup - grab some paper filters, find your perfect grind and the right amount of coffee grounds to tamp it down perfectly. Whether you drink one cup or four at a time, this brewer lets you discover new flavours every time and enjoy an unforgettable taste experience.

The gold standard of pour-over brewers is here!




Making coffee can be a little intimidating, especially if you don't know what accessories to use or what recipe to use.

With the HARIO V60 Coffee Dripper, you can easily make delicious pour-over coffee without fuss.

Loved by fragrant lovers and professionals around the world for its versatility and simplicity, this cone-shaped dripper is considered the gold standard for coffee drippers.

Before you brew your first cup of coffee, you need to buy separate paper filters.

Too coarse a grind, not enough coffee or not tamping the grounds down enough before brewing can result in insufficient pressure for a good brew.

It is important to know that the amount of coffee extracted will vary and need to be readjusted if the grind and quantity are changed.

The cone shape helps to bring out coffees with floral or fruity notes better.

Technical Details

Bean variety:

Filter size: 02
Material: Acryl
Colour: Transparent
Dimensions (HxBxT) (in cm): 11 x 12,5 x 12,2
Article weight (in Kg): 0,12
Product Banner:

Manufacturerr: HARIO (Japan)


Here you will find Hario's official brewing instructions for beginners, advanced and experienced home baristas.


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