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Get your coffee right every time with the Coyooco Coffee Scale 2.0 with Auto Timer - because life is too short for bad coffee!


Why do I need a coffee scale?

Do you know what makes the difference between a good and a great cup of coffee?
Brew Ratio - the fine balance between the time and the amount of coffee beans and water you use for your brew.

And you know what makes the difference between estimating and knowing that ratio? A coffee scale.

Get the Coyooco Coffee Scale 2.0 with Auto Timer and start brewing great coffee.

Even a professional barista can't reliably adjust a portafilter without a coffee scale. An absolute must-have!


Technical Details

  • COYOOCO COFFEE SCALE with auto timer With its continuous base plate, it has a good grip and is constant and accurate in its measurement quality. Easy charging with its USB-C charging cable and no scratches on the surface thanks to the included rubber mat.
  • SET UP ANY COFFEE GRinder To set up a coffee grinder, you need to calculate two parameters. The GRADE NUMBER of coffee grounds in the portafilter and coffee in the cup, and the AVERAGE TIME. This is easy with the coffee grinder with auto timer.
  • COMPACT AND WATER RESISTANT: With the size of 130x150x23.5 mm, it is super compact and can also come into contact with splashing water
  • CONVENIENT READING: The illuminated display makes it easy to read the exact gram count perfectly at any time.
  • TWO PROGRAMS: One P1 with auto timer and one P2 with a manual stopwatch.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The weighing rest is splash-proof and can be cleaned easily and hygienically with a damp cloth.
  • weighing range 0.1g - 2000g - deviations of 0.2g may occur depending on the position on the weighing plate
  • Integrated and rechargeable lithium-ion battery (USB-C cable included)

Coyooco instruction video

[COYOOCO KAFFEEWAAGE MIT AUTO TIMER | Kaffeemühle einstellen für Espresso aus der Siebträgermaschine]