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New 100% Robusta coffee with a guaranteed caffeine kick!

Robusta can inspire too... He said and shuddered.


Rainer Boehme


Chiapas Mexico


100% Robusta, Romex



The taste

Nut nougat, milk chocolate, full-bodied

We have adjusted the profile so that the Finca Fulda can be prepared both as an espresso and works well as a filter variant without being too strong and violent here.


With filter coffee , we stick to 60 grams per liter, try not to make the extraction too long, so if in doubt, grind a bit coarser.

As an espresso , the shot can run for 30 seconds with a ratio of 1 to 2, i.e. 18 grams in and 36 grams out. As a double ristretto (1 to 1.5) fierce in the flat white, like nut nougat is milk…. 😋


You asked, we delivered. Finally you get a 100% Robusta coffee from us.

Regardless of whether you prepare it as an espresso or as a filter, the caffeine kick is guaranteed.

As you know by now, we don't roast our coffee dark or light, just good.

Even a Robusta gets the same attention from us as a fine Arabica, which means the Finca Fulda is more than delicious.

As a filter coffee, the nut nougat note awaits you in the smell. When brewed you get an almost tender cup for a Robusta, with a nice sweetness, almost no acidity and a full-bodied body. Here you should be careful not to drink too many cups as Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica coffees.

In the espresso , this espresso is nice and sweet again, here the spiciness of the robusta comes through, but in no way disturbing but accompanying the nut nougat note, which turns into milk chocolate. who his

We have been working with Rainer for over 5 years now and are very happy with the quality of this Robusta and the collaboration.

Rainer grows coffee as well as orchids here in the very south of Chiapas on 200 hectares and 4 different farms.

During his visit to the farms, Philip was truly amazed at the passion and attention that goes into working here. Rainer has been based here since the late 1970's and has steadily purchased land and expanded the farm. In addition to two of its own washing stations and its own drying plant as well as its own milling, it is unique in the region.

Available online and in our café in Lübeck.

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