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Espresso Monsooned

Region: Kerala, West Coast India

Variety: India Arabica AA Monsooned

Processing : Monsooned

Taste: Nutty, fresh tobacco, spicy


This single-origin espresso consists of 100% Monsooned Malabar beans , from the Malabar region in India. What's special about this espresso is its unmistakable aroma, which is created by the special processing of the beans. After harvesting, the beans are dried and then exposed to the monsoon winds in open camps. These tropical humid winds ensure the beans swell and develop its unique aroma.

This elaborated preparation creates a wonderfully nutty taste, which is rounded off by slightly spicy tobacco notes. Its strong body comes into its own in the cup and rounds off this espresso with a chocolaty finish. If you particularly like Monsooned beans, you should definitely try this espresso.