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Espresso Triple Blend Arabica Robusta

Producer: Marco Guardabxo, Fazenda Matao (Brazil) and Rainer Boehme, Finca Fulda (Mexico) Cooperative Gallito de las Rocas, San Ignacio (Peru)

Region: Sao Paulo, Mococa (Brazil) & Chiapas (Mexico) San Ignacio (Peru)

Variety: Acaia ( Arabica ) Romex ( Robusta ) Caturra and Bourbon ( Arabica )

Processing: Natural / Washed

Taste: Full-bodied, chocolatey, sweet

40% Brazil Arabica , 40% Peru Arabica , 20% Mexico Robusta


Our Triple Blend combines the best of three countries. Blended from our Brazilian from Fazenda Matao, a fine Peruvian Arabica and our Robusta from Finca Fulda in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico. All coffees are imported directly from us.

This blend brings aromas of strong dark chocolate and a light hint of nuts into the cup. The Triple Blend is ideal for prepping milk based drinks, but it's also great as a pure espresso - as it is low in acid and has a lot of body.

We recommend filling the portafilter with 19 g espresso for 40-50 g in the cup in 30-32 seconds brewing time. This espresso perfectly suits your moka pot, a milk coffee or long black in the morning.

Since we always ship freshly roasted, you should plan to leave your coffee stay put for a week so that it can continue developing.