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Filter coffee Kenya | OMNI ROAST

Producer: Crossroads Project

Region: Kenya / Nandi Country

Variety: Ruiru 11 and Batian

Processing: washed

Taste: Milk chocolate, butter biscuits and green apple


The latest iteration of our classic Lion Hills.

This crop has slightly changed the cup profile. In the cup you will find fine aromas of milk chocolate, marzipan and a lighter acidity that comes across like green apples as well as a full, creamy body and a medium sweetness.

The Lion Hills Farm is known in the area for good and above all economical cultivation. Edward Barng'etuny is the third generation to run the farm with his father. The farm extends over 70 hectares here in the Nandi Hills at 1750 meters. The family has supported the Crossroads project since day one and the Kiptebes Society. The project offers young people at risk a perspective through social integration and professional qualifications. From every kilo of green coffee, €0.25 goes directly to the Crossroads project.

This coffee is roasted as an omniroast, which means it can be enjoyed both as a filter coffee and as an espresso.

As a filter, we recommend a dose of 18 gr for 300 gr of water. Classically poured in the V60, 4-6 pours a 60-80 g. Since the coffee is roasted a little darker than most of our other filters, you can grind it a little coarser. Expect a full-bodied cup that shows its apple side and becomes progressively sweeter as it cools down.

For the espresso we recommend a dose of 18 g at this point, for a result in the cup of 40-45 g for those who like it a little more fruity and 35-38 g for those who want it a little more concentrated and chocolaty. Extraction should be done in 30 seconds for the more concentrated variant and 32-35 seconds for the slightly acidic one.

We import this coffee directly from Kenya via Wert coffee GmbH.