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Seasonal espresso

Producer: Smallholder cultivation around Planadas

Region: Tolima, Nevado del Huila, Planadas

Variety: Catura, Colombia, Castillo, Bourbon

Processing: Traditionally washed and fermented for 24 hours.

Taste: almond, nougat, panela, berries

We fell in love with this versatile coffee and are more than happy to offer it to you all year round. As an espresso, this coffee captivates with its silky body and the finely nuanced aromas of almonds, nougat, panela and red berries. All in all, a combination that mixes perfectly with milk, but also promises a complex pleasure on its own or as an Americano.


We prepare this espresso with 19g espresso for an output of 48g coffee in the cup. This is a ratio of 1 to 2.5.

Ideally, we want to achieve the output in the cup in around 27-28 seconds, i.e. a slightly faster flow than we usually do with our espressos. In the cup, these beautiful almond nougat notes should shine with the liveliness of red berries and the sweetness of panela.


A classic last year so why not not again.

Here comes one of your and our favorites from last year. Unfortunately, last year ended earlier than planned due to availability, this time we went a different way.

During his trip to Colombia this summer 2022, Philip was actively looking for farmers and producers who should and want to accompany us in 2023 and beyond. As it is difficult for some farmers to produce larger quantities of a coffee of a certain quality, it can be a good idea to have a local dry mill put together a blend.

No sooner said than done, since Philip explored the origins with Caravela in Colombia, it made sense to work with this certified B Corp to create a regional, reproducible and, above all, tasty blend. The result is our own Planadas - a full-bodied blend of 4 varieties, all grown by farmers in the shadow of Mount Nevado del Huila and the adjacent Ata River. Here, the soil is rich in volcanic minerals, the microclimate is extremely suitable for coffee, and the farmers have an unparalleled passion for coffee that makes them shine when it comes to coffee, despite the hard work and current adversity.

Here in the region, as in most of Colombia, the harvest is year round - the main harvest season is between May and August and the secondary harvest is mostly from October to December. On all farms, coffee is grown between 1600 - 1900 m in combination with other plants, which ensures a good soil climate and, above all, a lot of biodiversity and shade, which the coffee plants particularly love.

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