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Perfect as an espresso or cafe crema from the fully automatic machines. If you like it strong, you can maximise the cup strength. Our next prank for the fully automatic machine.

Region: Sao Paulo - Brazil / Cajamarca Region - Peru

Variety: Acaia - Brazil, various varieties - Peru

Processing: Natural - Brazil, Washed - Peru

Taste : Full-bodied, Chocolatey, Nutty


Here comes our next fully automatic blend. The goal for the coffee was to develop a strong but not bitter coffee for your fully automatic machines. The selection of the raw beans is of crucial importance for a good coffee - the coffee should not be too acidic but also not flat and bland.

Here we have opted for a 50/50 mix of our Brazilian and the new Peruvian. Both are roasted uniquely and varietal for this mixture and then mixed. For the roasting we decided to give the coffee a lot of body, as well as to maximize the sweetness and minimize the acidity. The result is a really nice and strong mixture, which in turn beautifully reflects the origin of both varieties. For us, strong means full-bodied and not ashy bitter. As a Cafe Creme, this coffee convinces with beautiful dark chocolate notes and a fine sweetness. This strong body comes to the fore again in the espresso and brings out the nutty notes of the Brazilian.

So if you like it full-bodied and strong from your fully automatic machine, you've come to the right place. This mixture is also shining in milk based drinks. This Automatico is simply great